Sensafruit® infusions

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🍓We pamper you with three varieties of healthy infusions made with a select mixture of dehydrated fruits, each one accompanied with Benefits of aromatic herbs!. easy to carry and prepare at any time of the day.  


🍂Infusion Attraction (Jamaica flower!)

  • Mix of strawberry, apple and blueberry, accompanied by Jamaica flower!, an ideal combination to stimulate your immune system, it can also help you on those sleepless nights. 

🍂Vitality Infusion (Chamomile-cinnamon!)

  • Mix of pineapple, mango, cape gooseberry and papaya accompanied by Chamomile-cinnamon!, relieve stress and improve your digestion. 

🍂Harmony Infusion (Lemongrass!)

  • Mix of pineapple, mango, cape gooseberry and apple accompanied by Lemongrass!, protects against cold symptoms. 


How do you prepare it?

A healthy envelope that can accompany you in your mornings, in your hours of inspiration or on those cold days, How do you prepare it? Easy!, Pour the infusion into your favorite bowl, add hot water, mix and let it rest for three minutes, spoon and mmm enjoy it, if you want you can add sugar to taste.    

Find them in boxes of 6 or 12 assorted units.

"Here is the fruit of our farmers in a box"